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Charles Garcia

Charles Garcia Charles Garcia
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Charles Garcia

Successful Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author and Leading Latino Motivational speaker

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States
About Charles Garcia

Charles P. Garcia is the best-selling author of A Message from Garcia. His personal story is as dynamic and inspiring as his books. Whether he's serving as a key advisor to some of the world's most important business, military and political leaders, founding his own highly successful company, surfing a towering wave off the Hawaiian coast or racing his Dodge Viper, he does it with a refreshing blend of gusto, style and down-to-earth approachability.

Since graduating from the U.S. Air Force ...

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Thriving in the Business World: A Crash Course in Entrepreneurial Success

Even in today’s tough economy, you can be a successful entrepreneur. If starting your own business is your passion, then you won’t find a better person to show you the ropes than Charles Garcia. In this ...

Catch the Latino Wave: How to Reach (and Profit From) The Latino Customer

There are only a handful of speakers who truly understand how to successfully market to the Latino consumer, and Charles Garcia is one of them. In this presentation companies and audiences will learn many ...

Diversity in Action: Making Your Employees "Differences" Work for You

Never has it been more important to capture the ideas, innovations, and energies of every employee in your business. The rapid globalization of business and our nation’s own changing demographics are sure ...

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A Message From Garcia by Charles Garcia
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Your personal anecdotes, relevant business information, and the key messages from your book, A Message from Garcia: Yes You Can Succeed, resonated with our audience of over 750 participants. Thank you for helping to make our conference a success.

Bernadette F. Martinez - Verizon

Charles Garcia's story, combined with his presentation, made everyone believers that the American Dream is well within grasp. In one sentence, Mr. Garcia rallied the troops, equipped them for battle and then sent them off to conquer their own success.

Dr. Edwin Garcia, Chief Executive Officer - National Society of Hispanic MBAs

. . . it is very pleasing to find a speaker who has reached success and manages to keep his feet on the ground. Our attendees were pleased to find someone who is easy to relate to, someone who does not seem out of reach.

Fernando Moncayo, Executive Vice President - Maruri Communicaciones

I tell young people that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. Garcia wonderfully echoes these thoughts and more, explaining principles of success that will pump you full of energy and excitement to dream big and achieve your goals.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - Governor of California

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights and views as a speaker. Knowing of your hectic schedule and many other commitments, I appreciate your making the time and effort to participate.

Harriet R. Michel, President - National Minority Supplier Development Council

Your presentation went beyond words. It instilled a sense of urgency, and even more importantly, action steps to this thirsty audience of nearly 1,500 bright, eager students and young business professionals.

Karen Cascioli - Capital One
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