Charles Garcia

Charles Garcia


Charles P. Garcia is the best-selling author of A Message from Garcia. His personal story is as dynamic and inspiring as his books. Whether he's serving as a key advisor to some of the world's most important business, military and political leaders, founding his own highly successful company, surfing a towering wave off the Hawaiian coast or racing his Dodge Viper, he does it with ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Thriving in the Business World: A Crash Course in Entrepreneurial Success

    Even in today’s tough economy, you can be a successful entrepreneur. If starting your own business is your passion, ... View More

  • Catch the Latino Wave: How to Reach (and Profit From) The Latino Customer

    There are only a handful of speakers who truly understand how to successfully market to the Latino consumer, and ... View More

  • Diversity in Action: Making Your Employees "Differences" Work for You

    Never has it been more important to capture the ideas, innovations, and energies of every employee in your business. ... View More

  • The American Way of Leadership—10 Life-Changing Secrets From Great American Leaders

    Garcia imparts 10 timeless tenets of successful leadership derived from over 200 interviews with America’s top ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Your personal anecdotes, relevant business information, and the key messages from your book, A Message from Garcia: Yes You Can Succeed, resonated with our audience of over 750 participants. Thank you for helping to make our conference a success.
  • Bernadette F. Martinez - Verizon
  • Charles Garcia's story, combined with his presentation, made everyone believers that the American Dream is well within grasp. In one sentence, Mr. Garcia rallied the troops, equipped them for battle and then sent them off to conquer their own success.
  • Dr. Edwin Garcia, Chief Executive Officer - National Society of Hispanic MBAs
  • . . . it is very pleasing to find a speaker who has reached success and manages to keep his feet on the ground. Our attendees were pleased to find someone who is easy to relate to, someone who does not seem out of reach.
  • Fernando Moncayo, Executive Vice President - Maruri Communicaciones
Charles Garcia travels from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and requires Coach class for 1 East coast, business class west coast.

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