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Chad Varga

Author of "If You Only Knew", Miraculous Survivor & Straight Shooter

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Tampa, FL, US
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Growing up in a broken home in the Detroit, Michigan area, Chad learned at a young age that life is sometimes unfair. From early childhood, Chad found himself surrounded by some of life's cruelest realities. Chad grew up watching his mother violently abuse alcohol and drugs, and basketball soon became his escape from the troubled lifestyle that surrounded him.

He was labeled an at-risk kid and should have been a statistic, but instead he beat insurmountable odds and every obstacle before him and ...

During my 30 plus years in education I've never seen an audience as riveted by a speaker. You are the best speaker I've ever had and have been recommending you to all the principals I know.

Robert W. Burnett, Principal - Rochester Area School District, Rochester, PA

I recommend Chad Varga with great enthusiasm, completely assured that he will change, impact, influence, and make a definite difference in the lives of our youth throughout America.

Sylvester Robinson, Assistant Principal - Stranahan High School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

In all of my years at NLAHS, we have never had anyone connect with our students like you did during your motivational talk, they were still talking about your visit several weeks after you had gone.

Michael Bonfiglio, Principal - North Lauderdale Academy High, North Lauderdale, FL

Chad Varga is the most outstanding speaker I've ever heard. He had our students spellbound for 45 minutes. The students were in awe of his life story. Don't miss an opportunity to have this dynamic speaker for your students.

Mary Evans, Principal - Commerce Middle School, Commerce, GA

No speaker has ever held the attention of our students like you did today. I was concerned that it would be difficult to hold the attention of so many students, but you had them spellbound with the honest way in which you told your story.

Joyce Spooner, Assistant Principal - Ft. Worth Independent School District, Ft. Worth, TX

Chad's life story is proof that success must be deserved. Throughout his life he has demonstrated an incredible ability to overcome obstacles in order to achieve his dreams.

Rick Pitino, Head Men's Basketball Coach - University of Louisville
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