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Dr. Catriona Wallace

  • Customer Experience Futurist
  • Entrepreneur

Based in NYC and Sydney, Dr Catriona Wallace is one of the world's most cited experts on the Future of Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence and Bot Strategy. Catriona's keynotes feature macro trends related to technology, customer experience, Artificial Intelligence and the rise of Individualization.

Catriona is the Founder of high-profile award winning Virtual ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) & Co-creation – the new CRM

    The next big thing – the extension of CRM to VRM. Customers owning their own data and profiles, customers managing ... View More

  • The Future of Customer Experience

    Macro forces and trends influencing consumer behavior; rise of digital consumer interfaces; the future of the ... View More

  • When Customers Take Charge: Transforming CRM to a Segment of One

    The rise of digital is transforming customers, not just businesses. Macro forces and emerging trends, such as ... View More

  • Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Bots

    After 20 years of promise, finally Artificial Intelligence is here and available to organizations to perform a ... View More

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  • At all times Catriona had an incredibly engaging style, with a deep expertise that she made accessible to audience members. Catriona also hosted Executive Round tables, webinar series, workshops and In-client Briefings. Catriona combines intellect, frameworks, practice case examples, interaction with the audience and humor in her style. Audiences always rated Catriona very highly. She was also a pleasure to work with as a professional Speaker.
  • Emma McCormack, Head of Marketing - Fireeye Inc.
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