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“The best obtainable version of the truth”
Bernstein’s definition of real reporting and the only basis for an informed debate about the American condition, whether the debate is in congress or family dinner tables across the country. While critical of the performance of the press, Bernstein notes a decreasing willingness by ordinary...
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The Triumphant End to an American Century
Three Remarkable Presidents - Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and the Problem of Their Successors
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An Evening with Carl Bernstein: The System Can Work
From his time as a copyboy at age 16 in the Kennedy era, through Donald Trump’s presidency, Bernstein reflects on the power of journalism and the concept of the common good as keystones of American democracy.
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The Lessons of Watergate
A Behind the Scenes Look at the Reporting and Political Drama that Led to the Resignation of President Richard Nixon and Continues to Affect the Course of American History
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The Problem of Washington
It's Not Just the Politicians. We the People Sent Them There; We the Press are Complicit.
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The Broken Branch and Future of America
Can the United States Congress be Repaired?
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Rock and Roll, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Regan, and the Fall of Communism
The Spiritual and Political Legacy of Pope John Paul II
The Use and Abuse of Power: The American Presidency from Nixon to Trump