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Cal Thomas

  • America’s #1 Political Columnist
  • NYT Bestselling Author
  • Frequent guest on Fox News

For 19 years Thomas appeared on Fox News as part of the "Fox News Watch" panel and for two of those years, he hosted his own show "After Hours" on Saturday night. For ten years he co-authored the Common Ground column for USA Today with his friend Bob Beckel.

Thomas is one of the most widely syndicated columnists in the country. He is newly married to"CJ" and after many years in the ... VIEW MORE

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Ray of Light Remarks
Speech Topics
  • The Bottom Line Isn't Necessarily The Bottom Line

    In the past 40 years we have tried everything as a people in a sincere effort to solve some major problems. These have ... View More

  • The Things That Matter Most

    The 60's were more than rock and roll, campus sit-ins and assassinations. The children of that generation dropped a ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Cal was straight to the point in his analysis of our current social climate but was hilarious in his way of making a case for DCS. . . . his comedic delivery opened the door to everyone's heart to receive the challenge he made to support DCS.
  • Cecil Swetland - Executive Director and CEO, Desert Christian Schools

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