Caitlin Crosby

Actress, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Caitlin Crosby knows a thing or two about inspiring others. She began writing songs with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds in high school and subsequently signed...

Oprah's Supersoul 100 Honoree

Founder and CEO of The Giving Keys

Caitlyn Crosby

While on music tour, Caitlin Crosby started engraving keys with positive words like “Believe,” “Strength,” “Fearless,” “Hope,” etc., and made jewelry out of them to sell at her merchandise booths. There’s a “Pay it Forward” concept where the buyer must embrace their word, then “pass it on” to someone they feel needs it more than they do. The jewelry started selling out more than Caitlin’s CDs did! She bawled her eyes out hearing the stories of people giving their keys away to people who were about to commit suicide. She started for people to write their stories of the keys being passed all over the world.

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Caitlin then fell in love with a homeless couple who lived in a cardboard box in a dumpster. She took them to dinner and had her “aha moment” and asked them to be her business partners. She started paying them to engrave the keys. They saved enough money to stay in a motel, then their own apartment. The Giving Keys has now partnered with the United Way, Downtown Women’s Center, Chrysalis and more, who send people trying to transition out of homelessness, for employment. Caitlin’s Giving Keys are now in 1,500 stores and have hired/helped transition 35 people who have been affected by homelessness.

Being born and raised in Hollywood and growing up in the music/acting industry also inspired Caitlin to start to support girls struggling with body image issues.


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