Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman


Buck Brannaman eats double whoppers with cheese. He likes his coffee black. He says he like two kinds of music - that'd be country and western - and he likes to joke around. On the surface that places him squarely in the category of being a "regular guy." But he isn't.

The lanky cowboy from Sheridan, Wyoming, is widely recognized as a top horseman by the best in the business. Buck ... VIEW MORE

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  • Creative Communications From The Horse Whisperer

    Creative communications leader from the legend of The Horse Whisperer. Buck started training horses as a child and ... View More

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  • I have known Buck and have watched his clinics for close to 10 years. Buck, in my opinion, is the best in the world at what he does. I would strongly recommend Buck to put on any demonstration at any event.
  • John H. Cornish - YPO San Fernando Valley Chapter
  • I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what I call communication clinics conducted by Buck Brannaman. Buck's ability to communicate with horses and people are why we retain him to work with our senior executive staff, middle managers and line employees. Through respect for the horses, he can get so much more from them and we have found he impacts people in the same way. In January, Buck did a clinic for our Senior Executive Staff of which none of them other than I have anything to do with horses. Comments such as, "This afternoon changed my life" and "I feel differently about how I will work with fellow employees and people in general" and the President and CEO of our company said "This is the most inspiring work of art I have seen in my career". We have been approached by several groups that have their conferences at The Greenbrier to have Buck do a clinic for them. We are working out the logistics and schedules at this time. One more thing. With Buck Brannaman, you get exactly what you see, no fronts and no hot air. He is an artist and a gentleman.
  • Stephen Baldwin, Director of Retail - The Greenbrier

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