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Timid Salespeople have Skinny Kids!!!
Separate yourself from the competition by sharpening your sales skills. As salespeople, we have the opportunity to assist our clients in reaching their goals, increasing their profits and productivity, and impacting their standard of living. Learn how to shorten your sales slump, separate...
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Wait for Me! I Am Your Leader!
Effective leaders know and understand their followers as people not as units of production. Effective leaders communicate and lead different people differently. Improve your leadership skills by identifying your “leadership style”, determining the “style” of your followers, and designing a...
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Empowered Sales
P.R.O.C.E.S.S takes the pressure off the sales person”! Our sales process is a “client-centered” approach to finding needs and solving problems. Each step is defined, discussed, and demonstrated. The benefit: increased confidence as a "relationship" sales professional!
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Public Speaking and Other Coronary Threats!
There are three keys to effective presentations. These are the Visual, the Verbal and the Validation. Learn the Vital Skill Areas that will allow you to speak and present with poise, control, and professionalism…whether speaking to 1 or 1000.
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