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Bradley Shear

Bradley Shear

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About Bradley Shear

NBC News calls Bradley Shear the "public face" to stop employers and schools from being able to require employees or students provide their personal Facebook usernames and passwords to apply for a job or a scholarship. Bradley is a lawyer, consultant, and social media expert who counsels individuals, corporations, governments, and others on digital technology issues.

Bradley's analysis is regularly requested by the media. Some of the news organizations that have utilized his commentary include ...

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Social Media Ethics

Does your company’s personnel understand digital ethics? As more employees Tweet or Facebook post on behalf of their employers, the need ...

Utilizing Social Media To Generate Media Attention

Social media has enabled anyone with a Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube account to create an online presence that can be viewed almost ...

How Social Media Is Changing Society

This program will discuss how social media is creating monumental change throughout the world. Social Media was utilized during the Arab ...

Social Media Corporate and Personal Branding

Social media has enabled everyone the opportunity to obtain 15 minutes of fame. However, once those 15 minutes are up what comes next? ...

Bradley Shear is highly engaging while providing practical knowledge that you can leave with and apply immediately. He has excellent insight into how to successfully address social media issues that confront organizations and their employees.

Ellen M. Zavian, Sports Attorney, Arbitrator and Professor of Sports Law - George Washington University

I invited Brad to speak to a group of law students on legal issues in social media. He was insightful & entertaining--the students thought the presentation was worthwhile. I recently had Brad back . . . He is as good as it gets on social media issues.

Phillip J Closius, Professor of Law - University of Baltimore School of Law

Brad is a confident, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker. . . . His expertise and understanding of the legal and public policy implications of social media is highly sought-after.

Lisa Belpy Neirotti, Ph.D, Associate Professor, - The George Washington University
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