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Bobby Unser

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Bobby Unser Bio

Bobby Unser has clearly became one of the most insightful spokespersons in the history of auto racing. Leaning on his championship-studded and versatile racing career as an incredible resource for racing knowledge, Bobby Unser has eloquently opened the intricate world of racing to the sports public.

Being an Unser made him a member of racing's first family. Being Bobby Unser made him a relentless competitor who chalked up a Hall of Fame career which included three Indianapolis 500 wins and thirty-five overall Indy Car victories. Bobby's racing interests spanned many race formats. His fascination with the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb spurred him to becoming a legendary champion of the event (a 14-time winner!).

Bobby Unser has maintained an extremely active presence in Indy Car racing. For roughly a decade, he has been the featured Indy Car race analyst/commentator for ABC network. His championship heritage provides him with a unique insight into what it is actually like to be in the cockpit at 200 MPH, as well as explaining the intricacies of race strategy, car technology and advanced driving techniques. His on-going association with drivers and team-owners alike, make him a prominent Indy Car celebrity and his unique experience both "behind the wheel and behind the camera" make him a colorful and insightful speaker.

Career Highlights:

ABC Sports Auto Racing Analyst/Commentator
Three-time Indy 500 Winner 1968, 1975, 1981
Two-time Indy Car World Series Champion - 1968, 1974
Thirty-five Indy Car victories
Driver of the Year - 1974
Inducted into the Indianapolis Motorsports Hall of Fame - 1990
Inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame - 1994
Two-time Winner of the International Race of Champions (IROC)
Fourteen-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb Winner

Bobby has also written three books: "The Bobby Unser Story," "Unser - A Family Portrait" and "Winners Are Driven."