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Bob Pritchard Speech Topics

A Winning Mindset
A challenging presentation on leadership, corporate culture, management, teamwork, individual responsibility, commitment and going the extra mile by working smarter, not harder. Discussion of corporate successes such as Toyota, Southwest; comparisons between business performances and those in...
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The Challenge of Change
How to address the need to change across every aspect of business - leadership; management style; employee requirements; product/service/flexibility; society changes and demands; technology; traditional advertising and communication versus new media and so on. Interactive, challenging,...
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It's Not the Size of the Budget, It's the Size of the Idea
Anyone can spend money. No-one succeeded by being a me-too. Zig when your competitors zag; stand out; dramatically increase ROI with big ideas, increase effectiveness and market penetration by out-thinking your competitors, not out-spending them. Great examples, success stories, commercial...
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15 Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets
Bob’s famous book, CD Superset and Keynote. The simple secrets in Management, Marketing and Advertising which guarantee success in today’s global, highly competitive, new technology marketplace. This message has been heard by some 80+ Fortune 500 companies who report that it really changed their...
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Differentiate...and Win!
Harvard research shows 92% of people see like companies and products as interchangeable. This leads to commoditization, price based competition, decreased ROI and eventually to disaster. How you differentiate from competitors even if your product is identical. How you gain Brand Equity, stand out...
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Marketing Metrics (Strategic Measurement to Optimise Business and Marketing Performance)
The ROI of every facet of a business must be measured. Every marketing, advertising and sales initiative which impacts a customer must have its performance measured. Guesswork and experience are no longer acceptable. Businesses need accountability to report back to clients and their Board, how to...
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Branding is dead...Brand Equity is absolutely critical to success.
Today, with more clutter, increased competition and more discerning customers, having a Brand does not translate to success or increased ROI. In fact it means nothing. Today you must build Brand Equity that speaks emotionally to the customer, identifies you with them and clearly differentiates...
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