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Bob Costas

  • Twelve-Time Emmy Award-Winning Sportscaster
  • Olympic Sports Analyst for NBC
  • Radio Host

With the advent of NBC's "Football Night In America," Bob Costas adds another chapter to his long and diverse career in sports television. Costas will host the prime time Sunday night broadcast of top NFL games, including playoff games each season, and two Super Bowls over six years. Bob has been with NBC Sports since 1979, and has also hosted HBO sports and entertainment programs ... VIEW MORE

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Bob Costas - Vin Scully Award
Bob Costas: Stan Musial
Speech Topics
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    Bob discusses current events and gives a very humorous and engaging discussion about his experiences in the sports and ... View More

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Bob Costas travels from St. Louis or New York, AL and requires private (WYVERN safety rated) plane

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