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Bob Alexander

  • Sales Force Trainer
  • Award Winning Educator
  • Past Zig Ziglar Associate

As Bob Alexander finished competing in a national black belt karate tournament and within the same week completed his eighteenth marathon in New York City, he said, "I'm tired!" While this is not a particularly startling comment, just reading the accomplishments of Bob Alexander fatigues most people.

Bob Alexander has excelled in almost every aspect of his life. As an outstanding ... VIEW MORE

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  • C.H.A.R.T.I.N.G. Your Course For Success

    Motivation involves "moving people into action," and Bob Alexander knows what it takes to do just that! With this ... View More

  • Making It Happen

    In this high energy, fun-filled seminar, Bob teaches the leadership principles revealed in his book, Making It ... View More

  • Sales-Man-Ship: C.H.A.R.T.I.N.G. Your Course For Successful Selling

    The difference between ordinary and superstar sales performance is the second-mile effort that successful ... View More

  • A C.H.A.R.T. For Leadership

    What qualities define a leader? How do individuals gain positions of leadership? What attributes do managers and ... View More

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  • Bob, you're AWESOME! Your enthusiasm and sincerity conveyed your commitment to living the principles you are teaching. I have never witnessed a more professional, entertaining and challenging presentation.
  • Bobby Powers - Jiffy Lube
  • An Exhilarating experience! The best motivational seminar I have ever attended! A definite 10!
  • Pat Massart - Auction Marketing Institute
  • If I had known that Bob's presentation was going to be this great, I would have closed down my entire operation of 200 people and let them all attend.
  • Adam Clatsoff - Blue Cross-Blue Shield
Keynote $6,500.00
Bob Alexander travels from Atlanta, Georgia and requires Coach class for 1

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