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May 09, 2017
How The Most Successful Presenters Pitch Their Ideas
By Ian Altman
Use this simple four-part framework to wow audiences the next time you pitch your business ideas.
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May 08, 2017
By Daniel Kish
WAFTB is proud to announce that "KISH", a film profile ofWorld Access for the BlindLead Founder and President Daniel Kish, has been awarded the prize for 'Best Documentary Short' at the [i] Ashland Independent ...
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May 08, 2017
How These Black Women With A Startup Became 'Unhidden Figures'
By Kerry Schrader & Ashlee Ammons
Within moments of arriving at the Collision tech conference, I met two women with t-shirts that read, Black Female Founder Fund Me The duo in question is a mother-daughter team, ...
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May 07, 2017
3 Hacks to Boost Client Loyalty and Growth
By Josh Linkner
In these highly competitive times, it's become increasingly difficult to hold onto customers. Retention is tough, and client growth is even harder with fickle clients and fleeting loyalty. It ...
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May 05, 2017
AASA on Courageous and Uplifting Leadership - Part Two
By Alan Blankstein
(the following is an excerpt from a forthcoming issue of The School Administrator. Part 2:Face the facts and your fears. Data reflecting poor performance, especially ...
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May 04, 2017
PEOPLE's Sexiest Teacher Alive Nick Ferroni on Teacher Appreciation Week
By Nicholas Ferroni
PEOPLE's2014 Sexiest Teacher Aliveis using his voice to make a different inside and outside of the classroom. Nick Ferroni, a Social Studies teacher at Union ...
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May 04, 2017
Is Your Company Truly Great?
By Michael Veltri
As a business transformation keynote speaker, I often speak to organizations on how to achieve peak performance. Last week I was delivering a presentation to a sales division of a very successful multinational ...
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May 04, 2017
Bridges Silicon Valley launch party pics!
By Maria Murnane
We had a great time celebrating Bridges in my hometown backyard! Yes, that's my sister on the right My highly unpaid assistant aka Mom, on the left With some of my old soccer pals My niece is only ...
May 02, 2017
We Are Honored
By Eric Woodie
We would like to thank IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus) for honoring our CEO Shawn Hanks with the John Palmer Award. The award isin recognition of one who has shown exemplary service to the association and bureau ...
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May 02, 2017
This One Skill Can Boost A Speaker's Approval Rating Significantly
By Ian Altman
Get it wrong and your audience might walk away with a negative impression of you.

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