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Michelle Singletary

A Veterans Day deal for maximizing Social Security benefits

By Michelle Singletary, Posted November 11th, 2013

You’ve heard of Veterans Day deals. Well, there’s one special offer — access to an online tool to help the nation’s military maximize their Social Security benefits — that could put more money in the pockets of veterans. But it’s free on Nov.... READ MORE

Scott Rasmussen

One-Size-Fits-All Govt. Can't Work in the iPad Era

By Scott Rasmussen, Posted November 11th, 2013

Washington's political class fundamentally misunderstands the role of politics and government in American society. They act as if government is the central force in American life and that its decisions guide the course of the nation. In historical reality, societal trends embrace new technology... READ MORE

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart Shares Her Story [VIDEO]

By Elizabeth Smart, Posted November 7th, 2013

Written by Eric Wilstein

Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart shared her story with students at Bowling Green State University on Tuesday, and promoted her recently-published memoir.

Smart was the inaugural speaker for the BGSU University Libraries’ “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories”... READ MORE

Oliver North

Author Releases New Book "American Heroes: On The Homefront"

By Oliver North, Posted November 5th, 2013

Author Oliver North presents his book "American Heroes: On The Homefront" and the stories behind those who stepped up to serve the U.S after 9/11.

The New York Times bestselling author of "Heroes Proved" brings a moving and inspirational chronicle of our national heroes’... READ MORE

Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin

Former Secret Service Agent Recalls Kennedy Assassination

By Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin, Posted November 5th, 2013

Written by: Bethany Gallimore

Clint Hill, then Secret Service agent and special guard to the first lady, saw the back of President Kennedy’s head explode on Nov. 22, 1963.

He remembers racing from the squad car to the back of the Kennedys’ limousine to form a human shield over... READ MORE

Ruben Gonzalez

Commit to Excellence

By Ruben Gonzalez, Posted November 4th, 2013

Most successful people have something very important in common. Somewhere along the line, they made a decision to commit to becoming the best they could be in their field. They committed to excellence.
They realized that if they became the best in their field, the rewards would more than make up for the effort. So... READ MORE

Shawn Hanks

Thank You for the Best October in PSB History!

By Shawn Hanks, Posted November 4th, 2013
Thanks, Thank You, Gracias….

We need more words to say “thanks” to you for the month of October.  Premiere recorded another record in October - the best October in our almost 20 year history.  Each event represents a relationship with one of you, our event partners.  And,... READ MORE
Michelle Singletary

How to make health reform work for you

By Michelle Singletary, Posted November 4th, 2013

“There’s no sugarcoating it,” President Obama said of the problems with registering online for the Affordable Care Act. “The Web site has been too slow, people have been getting stuck during the application process. . . . And there’s no excuse for the problems,... READ MORE

Shawn Hanks

Premiere Speakers Bureau Announces Halloween Costume Winner

By Shawn Hanks, Posted October 31st, 2013

In celebration of Halloween, we at Premiere would like to honor the winner of our first annual Halloween Costume contest. With such contenders like the Tin Man, Siri and Walter White, it was a Ryan Giffen's [pictured right] uncanny portrayal of our beloved CIO, Chris Yount [pictured left]... READ MORE

Kim & Krickitt Carpenter

Couple behind 'The Vow' to speak about marriage in Columbus

By Kim & Krickitt Carpenter, Posted October 28th, 2013

Written by: Larry Gierer

Creating new memories is a way to keep an old marriage healthy. That is a message Kim and Krickitt Carpenter will be delivering when the couple speaks in Columbus on Nov. 12.

The two will be appearing at the Right from the Start luncheon at the St. Luke Ministry... READ MORE

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