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Joel Klein

How Teaching Children Can Be More Than a Profession

By Joel Klein, Posted November 24th, 2014

Having run New York City's public school system for eight years under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, I am often asked, "If you could wave a wand and change one thing, what would it be?"

This isn't an easy question. Lots of things need changing.

For example, giving far more school choices to families,... READ MORE

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart's Fight Against Human Trafficking [VIDEO]

By Elizabeth Smart, Posted November 24th, 2014

Eliz Smart - 11/24

Twelve years ago, Elizabeth Smart was abducted, raped and held in captivity for nine months. Now she is teaming up with a group that sets up stings to free children and turning her ordeal into a weapon against human trafficking. Vinita Nair reports.

For information on how to book Elizabeth... READ MORE

Michelle Singletary

There’s Always a Catch With ‘No Interest’ Offers

By Michelle Singletary, Posted November 24th, 2014

We have become a nation charmed by offers that something might be free. Especially when it comes to credit.

Let’s look at the offers many consumers will receive as they shop for the holidays. Professionals call these promotions “deferred interest plans.” But more... READ MORE

Bruce Weinstein

Four Ways Uber is Ethically Challenged

By Bruce Weinstein, Posted November 21st, 2014

Last Friday, Uber Vice President Emir Michael reportedly suggested a way of stifling the company's critics that would violate the most basic standards of business ethics. For those who missed the story, Buzzfeed reported that Michael had suggested "hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt... READ MORE

Ruben Gonzalez

Fortune Favors the Brave

By Ruben Gonzalez, Posted November 19th, 2014

Your fears are a smokescreen. They are like ghosts that keep you from being your best. It's OK to be afraid. Everyone is afraid! What's not OK is to let your fear get the best of you. Successful people have learned to act in spite of their fear. And that's what courage is - acting in spite... READ MORE

Tonya Reiman

The Body Language Of Obama And Putin:

By Tonya Reiman, Posted November 18th, 2014


RTVI asked Tonya to look at the body language of Obama and Putin recently. They translated her analysis into Russian which is quite fascinating to watch.

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Gov Mike Huckabee

Huckabee Encourages Faith Leaders to Speak Truth and Fight Evil During International Tour

By Gov Mike Huckabee, Posted November 17th, 2014

Written by Bethany Blankley

This week, Gov. Mike Huckabee, along with David Lane of the American Renewal Project, hosted a tour with roughly 100 ministers and faith leaders to follow the steps of three world leaders who greatly influenced world history... READ MORE

Ruben Gonzalez

Challenges Make You Unstoppable

By Ruben Gonzalez, Posted November 14th, 2014

When I was in the third grade, I had a teacher I will never forget. Whenever we started whining about an assignment being too tough, she would always say, "It builds character."
Back then, I didn't know what character was and if I had to do more homework to get it, I didn't want any... READ MORE

Michelle Singletary

Sometimes, It Pays More to Rent Your Roof Than Own It

By Michelle Singletary, Posted November 14th, 2014

For as long as I can remember, homeownership has been a home run on the American Dream scorecard.

When I graduated from college, my grandmother gave me two choices — live with her or buy a home. In her mind, to rent meant I was a failure financially.

“When you rent, you... READ MORE

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Reveals Major Health Issues

By Glenn Beck, Posted November 12th, 2014

Written by Dana Ford and Holly Yan

Glenn Beck shared Monday a secret he's kept from almost everyone for years: He's been battling a serious and rare illness.
"It has baffled some of the best doctors in the world. It has frightened me and my family, as we didn't know what was happening," the conservative radio... READ MORE

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