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Bill Birdsong Miller

Bill Birdsong Miller Bill Birdsong Miller
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"Tumbleweed" by Bill Miller

Bill Birdsong Miller

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Whether painting a picture with his carefully chosen words or wielding a brush to place colors on canvas, Bill Birdsong Miller always creates from a vibrant emotional palette. Drawing from his own life experiences as well as centuries of tradition, Miller is an artist of considerable depth. A three-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter as well as an acclaimed speaker and gifted painter, Miller is the quintessential American artist. He has a restless creative spirit mingled with a well-grounded ...

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<b>“Twelve Feathers of Healing”</b>

"Growing up in an abusive, alcoholic home and surviving racial inequality, Bill is no stranger to hardship. In this talk Bill walks ...

<b>“The Red Road to Victory: Reconciliation and Diversity”</b>

After a brief review of his Mohican tribal history and an intimate look into his native culture, Bill shares three personal stories. His ...

<b>“How to Build the Perfect Tipi: Bridging the Gap Between Values and Business”</b>

"To the tribes of the plains, the tipi is much more than a place to live. In this talk Bill walks through the symbolic elements of the ...

<b>“This Earth is Sacred Ground”</b>

As a Native American, Bill shares a fresh perspective on environmental responsibility. His emphasis is on the holy and whole aspects of ...