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Tales from the Red Carpet: How I Survive Tinseltown
Oscar and Golden Globe reporting only looks glamorous on television. Behind the scenes, pushing and shoving to get through publicists and handlers makes for a tense battleground. You'll learn why Russell Crowe wanted to throw more than a phone at Bill McCuddy. How he conned Barbra Streisand into...
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Stage Right: How Hollywood is a Lot More Conservative than Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore Would Like You to Believe
From the election of a Terminator to the recent Oscar defeat of Brokeback Mountain, the left coast is feeling a lot more like a fly over state. Learn who the five most influential people in Hollywood area and why some have to "act" like they are liberal to get deals done.
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Reality Television's First Winning Contestant
12 years ago, Bill McCuddy won one of the first reality television competitions. And there's a very good reason why you missed it. Some things can change your life for a few days, others last a lifetime. Hear where many of the winning contestants from "Idol," "Survivor" and "Big Brother" are...
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