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Before becoming an internationally-known teacher trainer, Bill worked in a variety of public and university settings. In middle and secondary schools, he has served as a Reading Specialist, English, Social Studies and Drama teacher, and Gifted and Talented instructor. Bill won numerous awards for his teaching skills. On the university level, Bill assisted in the training and evaluation of middle and secondary English teachers. He holds a Masters in Reading and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction ...

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KEYNOTE: Turning Word Losers into Word Lovers

Students who are reading content area texts are immersed in difficult concepts—abstract -isms, foreign terms, scientific and mathematical words, and concepts about which students have little prior knowledge. ...

KEYNOTE: Hold Fast to Dreams

Whom do our students look up to? Are they mostly impressed by figures in the media and sports? If they only have these unrealistic representations as models of morality and behavior, what kind of people will ...

KEYNOTE: Girls will be Girls, Boys will be Boys: Teaching to Gender Differences.

Many boys are failing in our schools. Statistics clearly show that boys make up the bulk of our discipline problems, drop outs, and even inmates. Schools may be contributing to these failure rates by not ...

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Carrying A Load of Feathers by Bill McBride
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Bill was so informative, interactive and engaging. Everyone seemed excited about the information that was presented. Thanks again for all of your assistance and we look forward to the possibility of future work with Premiere Speakers.

Yvonne Abernathy - TN Department of Education

. . . Dr. McBride . . . is the best at what he does. Educators, including principals, recognize the effectiveness of his work and continue to marvel at his presentations.

Anita G. Arnold, Executive Director - Black Liberated Arts Center, Inc.

Dr Bill McBride has the ability to entertain, inform, enlighten and touch an audience as no other speaker can. He truly can read an audience and inspire change on all levels.

Jody Perry, Director - Charter Schools Support - Broward County Florida

Bill McBride is really good at what he does and we would like to get better at what we do as well.

Middle School Teacher - Hickman, CA
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