Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer

An American Voice, Actor and Comedian

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About Bill Farmer

For decades, audiences of all ages have enjoyed Bill Farmer's standout work in vehicles and venues as diverse as his talents - from clubs to conventions, broadcasts to podcasts, and TV screens to movie screens.

What began in the standup comedy clubs of America's heartland has become one of the most colorful careers in Hollywood, with a seemingly endless list of live and recorded performances engaging fans of every demographic.

While Bill has famously performed as the official voice of Disney's ...

If you believe Walt Disney's assertion that "laughter is America's most important export," then Bill Farmer is a national treasure. His endearing humor, expert insight and approachable warmth continue to consistently engage audiences in memorable fashion.

Ryan March - Disney Vacation Club Marketing Communications

Bill never fails to connect w/ an audience. His storytelling skills are akin to Garrison Keillor or Tom Bodett with material that is sophisticated enough for adults but appropriate enough for younger audiences.

Tim O'Day - Executive PR Consultant, Events Producer, Author and Pop Culture Historian

Bill is the inimitable voice of Disney's Goofy, but that's just one of the hundreds of voices he breathes his brand of spectacular life into. . . . As VO artist extraordinaire, Bill is supremely clever, flexible, classy, and playful from gig to gig.

Chris Shoemaker, Founder/Executive Director - International Family Film Festival

Bill has a real gift for inspiring an actor to open up and find more interesting choices for their voice over reads! He is creative, fun and encouraging in his direction and brings his passion, joy and expertise to every student!

Hope Levy, President - Voice Actors Network

Bill Farmer combines all the right ingredients into each one of his presentations a generous blend of knowledge, insight, inspiration and encouragement--seasoned throughout with his wonderful humor and voice talents.

Shun Lee Fong, President/Creative Director - The Greenhouse Arts & Media, Inc.

Bill Farmer's upbeat and positive outlook on life is entertaining and thought- provoking. He is a blessing to our congregation and to any audience who is fortunate enough to hear him speak.

Mark Brewer, Senior Pastor - Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA
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