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Bill Capodagli

  • President, Capodagli Jackson Consulting

Bill Capodagli is President of Capodagli Jackson Consulting and an internationally recognized business author, consultant and keynote speaker, coauthoring one of Fortune Magazine's "Best Business Books", The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. With over thirty years of business experience, Bill has become one of the most in-demand experts on ... VIEW MORE

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The Pixar Way
IdeaFestival Event
If Walt Ran Your Business (Part 1)
If Walt Ran Your Business (Part 2)
If Walt Ran Your Business (Part 3)
Speech Topics
  • If Walt Ran Your Organization!

    Based upon the 2016 expanded edition of the best-selling business classic, The Disney Way, Bill Capodagli shows ... View More

  • Dreams and Dreamers: How to Innovate like Walt Disney and the Pixarians

    Pixar is the benchmark of innovative success. With numerous Academy Awards under their belts, they keep breaking the ... View More

  • Leadership - The Disney Way

    Walt Disney was once asked what the secret to his success was and he replied, I dream things and ways of doing ... View More

  • Customer Service - The Disney Way

    Walt Disney created an organization that has become the quintessential model for customer service, perhaps in the ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Bill Capodagli is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the management practices that have propelled the Walt Disney Company to legendary stature in areas such as employee motivation, customer service, family entertainment and shareholder performance.
  • Tim A. Rutherfod - Business Editor, Evansville Courier News
  • If you change something in the planning phase, it costs you a dollar; if you change something after the plant is built, it costs you a hundred dollars. Bill and Lynn broke down barriers and rooted out any hidden problems in the group quickly.
  • Brian Hartke - Mead Johnson Nutritional Products
  • Both long and short-term employees were impressed with this high quality and informative session.
  • Pam Osik-Sewell - Program Director, New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations

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How to Dream More Like Walt Disney...
In a Skype interview with Shawn Hanks, author of The Pixar Way and The Disney Way: If Walt Ran Your Organization!, Bill Capodag...

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