Bill Capodagli
Bill Capodagli
Author of "The Disney Way" and "Innovate the Pixar Way"


Bill Capodagli is an internationally recognized business author, consultant and keynote speaker, coauthoring one of Fortune Magazine’s “Best Business Books”, The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. With over thirty years of business experience, Bill has become one of the most in-demand experts on customer service and organizational transformations. He also coauthored The Disney Way Fieldbook and How to Innovate like Walt Disney and the Pixarians, the definitive account of Pixar’s creative culture.


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Bill Capodagli
Video: Shawn Hanks interview with Bill Capodagli
Bill Capodagli
The Pixar Way

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If Walt Ran Your Organization! - The Disney Way
Walt Disney’s management lessons are as relevant today as they were four decades ago at the time of...
Dreams and Dreamers: How to Innovate like Walt Disney and the Pixarians
Pixar is the benchmark of innovative success. With numerous Academy Awards under their belts, they...
Leadership - The Disney Way
Walt Disney was once asked what the secret to his success was and he replied, I dream things and ways...
Customer Service - The Disney Way
Walt Disney created an organization that has become the quintessential model for customer service...

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