Bill Benjamin

Bill Benjamin, Generational Issues NSB, emotional education, leadership, training, business training Bill Benjamin, Generational Issues NSB, emotional education, leadership, training, business training
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Bill Benjamin

Emotional Intelligence, Performance and Leadership Expert

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Chicago, IL, US
About Bill Benjamin

As a math and computer science guy, Bill discovered the power of managing emotions while he was working in the technology industry. Bill is very honest about the struggles he had early in his career as a leader.

He was so impressed by the Institute for Health and Human Potential [IHHP]'s brain science based approach to Emotional Intelligence, and even more so by its practical applications, that he became a partner in the company. Now that's commitment!

Bill's experience in technology and sales ...

In a couple of challenging situations after the session, my Squadron immediately put the techniques to use! Thanks, Bill.

Air National Guard

This was an insightful and practical session. I liked the way you had us practice the strategies rather than just telling us about them. That way, I'll actually remember it!

Intel Corporation

You really kept everyone's attention with your great stories and analogies. Your passion for what you do is refreshing. Thank you for making the conference a truly inspiring event.


"Excellent presentation! You did a terrific job of applying your topic contextually to mission safety at NASA. I wanted to hear more. Great program!"

NASA Johnson Space Center

"Outstanding! We need more of this in all of the Army Training Programs. The parts on emotional intelligence and leadership were excellent and of great value to me"

U.S. Army

"Talking to Bill about Emotional intelligence got me jacked up - now I want to hit someone! EQ is what great athletes and coaches like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Bill Walsh tap into."

Ronnie Lott - San Francisco 49ers
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