Bill Bachrach CSP, CPAE

Bill Bachrach CSP, CPAE Bill Bachrach CSP, CPAE

Bill Bachrach CSP, CPAE Speech Topics

An Introduction to Values-Based Financial Planning™: the Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Plan
As a result of implementing Values-Based Financial Planning you can expect your revenue per client to increase significantly, your overall business revenue to increase substantially, time wasted trying to serve the wrong clients to be dramatically reduced or eliminated, along with the frustration...
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The Roadmap to Success: Speaking the Language of Trust
In this presentation Bill shares 7 essential ingredients that the most successful advisors use to propel themselves to the next level on their personal road to success. As a result of attending, here are a few of things you will learn: Why this is GREAT time to be a Financial Advisor! What it...
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High-Trust Leadership™: A Proven System for Developing an Organization of High Performance Financial Professionals
The most powerful interview tool you will ever learn to create a giant pipeline of highly qualified Advisors." Objective: (A) Provide proven tools for Leaders to fill their pipeline with high quality Advisor candidates. (B) Motivate new and existing Advisors to consistently execute the daily...
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Customized Three-Day Values-Based Financial Planning™ Academy
If you would like your advisors to embrace the art of quickly building high-trust relationships and delivering more value to create an even better client experience, Bill will facilitate a customized, three-day Values-Based Financial Planning Academy. At this Academy, advisors will practice...
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Custom Internal Program
Using his Values-Based Financial Planning Turn-Key Business Model, Bill has worked and works with numerous organizations and teams to create results-oriented internal custom training programs.
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Review Existing Program
To take advantage of an outside perspective and a future-thinker, Bill is available to review existing processes, programs and plan for deployment for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. He has the ability to strategically identify gaps and/or incomplete steps which can inhibit...
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Board of Advice or Directors
Depending on the needs of your organization, Bill is available to sit on a board of advice or board of directors for a term (typically a year), which often includes strategic planning and project review. His primary value is two-fold: 30 years of experience across all financial services industry...
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