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Keynote Programs:
Value-Added Selling – Be a Leader!
Bill provides his compelling definition of leadership. He defines the qualities we all possess that can add value to the products we sell, jobs we perform or services we provide. Many lessons here from failures and championships.
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Devouring “Energy Vampires”
Outlining the distinct difference between Energy Sources and Energy Vampires, Bill Clement arms you with the appetite and the methods to convert negatives to positives.
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How to Glue your Team Together
In this module, Bill describes the profound yet simple methods of gluing your team together. With no weak links, your group will be in position to win championships.
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Disabling Fear & Conquering Red Zones
Bill Clement talks about his fears as a professional athlete even as he was winning Stanley Cups. He outlines how to disable fear and push through the Red Zones of adversity.
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