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By bringing your experiences to a broader public in such a meaningful way, you have made it easier for thousands of people to cope. Your clear-sightedness and frankness made for a powerful evening.
Anne Golden - United Way of Greater Toronto
Betty's presentation was well-rounded--it included sharing, learning, interaction, laughing, crying, and hoping. What more could you ask for in a presentation about Breast Cancer and Survivorship? It was perfect for our opening General Session.
Dorothy D. Green - The American Cancer Society, Florida
You were able to communicate to health care providers what we can do better to understand & support women & their families when a tragic health problem has been diagnosed. You helped us to know that although tragedy has hit we must keep a sense of humor.
Martha A. Hang - Brigham and Women's Hospital
The crowd of 600 loved her. She was funny, poignant and refreshing all at the same time. This group ran the gamut from 18-80 years old, and Betty was hitting all their hot buttons. It was amazing that she could relate to such a spectrum.
Steve Thaxton - WCSH 6; Portland, Maine