Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro

  • Nationally Syndicated Columnist
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Frequent Media Guest and Commentator
  • Ben proved to be one of the most engaging speakers we have had in our four-year history of running the Congressional Fellowship program. Ben was able to provide unique insight and invaluable assistance on ways to discuss key issues with liberals.
  • Charissa Kersten - Congressional Fellowship program
  • After battling in the trenches of liberal college student press, Ben Shapiro has emerged as a forceful and unequivocal writer to bring views that are underrepresented in mass media.
  • Ward Connerly - University of Califormia Regent; Founder and chairman, American Civil Rights Institute
  • Ben's Shapiro's writing is smart, informative and incisive. He is wise beyond his years without losing the refreshing fearlessness of youth.
  • Ann Coulter - NYT's Best-selling Author and Commentator
  • on "Brainwashed": "Ben Shapiro provides eye-popping details from the front lines—as a political science major at UCLA, as an embattled student journalist. He has also done research. The result is all the info any counter-revolutionary might need.
  • American Compass
  • With "Brainwashed" we get a sophisticated and firsthand critique of the university as an institution of ideological propaganda for the left wing, secular world view. And the book delivers—confirming our worst fears about modern academia.
  • David Limbaugh, from his Foreward to 'Brainwashed' - Nationally syndicated columnist, Author of 'Absolute Power' and 'Persecution'
  • That invigorating breeze from the west is Benjamin Shapiro, whose crisp commentary proves that wisdom sometimes comes with youth, too.
  • Jeff Jacoby - Boston Globe columnist
  • on "Brainwashed": "[A] book that has won attention even amid the flood of political tracts from both left and right that is saturating the best-seller lists . . . [Shapiro is] intellectually precocious and extremely confident . . ."
  • Justin Pope - Associated Press
  • Just when you were about to abandon any hope for America's future, along comes Ben Shapiro. Somehow he's managed to arrive at young adulthood with his common sense intact. Maybe there is hope after all.
  • Kathleen Parker - Orlando Sentinel columnist
  • Ben Shapiro's courage and insight should provide inspiration not only for other young conservatives on campus, but also for their parents. His book is a welcome sign that all is not lost for this new generation.
  • Michael Medved - Nationally syndicated radio host, Author of 'Hollywood vs. America'
  • on "Brainwashed": "[M]eticulously documented . . . his book has an immediacy that can't be matched by authors who were students a generation ago . . . One need not entirely endorse Mr. Shapiro's worldview to admire his pluck.
  • Russ Smith - Wall Street Journal

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