Ben Ferguson
Ben Ferguson
America's Youngest Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host


While lots of pundits claim to know (and care) what's in the hearts and minds of America's youth, Ben Ferguson IS America's youth. At 25 years old, Ben is the youngest nationally syndicated talk show host in the country.

Ben blends a mix of pop culture, politics and current events in an entertaining and informative way, debating the news of the week from a college-age perspective, while incorporating prominent guests from the political, entertainment, and business worlds.

This caller driven program provides a forum for the vastly under served younger audience of 20 and 30 somethings who care about politics and current events as well as music, movies and sports. Ben's good humored but conservative approach separates this program from the pack of shows aimed at driving ratings through "locker room" humor and stupid stunts. The market of young men and women is not being effectively reached on talk radio today. The Ben Ferguson Show provides a forum for traditional talk stations to reach those listeners and creates a venue for its advertisers that are trying to reach...


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He was AWESOME! He was really personable and approachable. He did an on-spot interview with our school paper and was answered many questions from the audience. I look forward to the opportunity to hear him speak again."

, Emily Dickens - Fayetteville State University

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