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Beatty Cohan

  • Staying Safe in a #MeToo World
  • Stop Domestic Violence Before It Starts
  • Nationally Recognized Psychotherapist

Beatty Cohan is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, author, national speaker, columnist and national radio and television expert guest. She has been an expert guest in national television and radio for over 25 years and continues to offer her unique charismatic brand of positive energy and psychological analysis and commentary -- bypassing the usual trite ... VIEW MORE

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Rate Your Mate Before it's Too Late
Never Make A Mistake In Love Again
Sex Therapy On The Couch
Arise Entertainment
Never Make A Mistake In Love Again Part 2
Rate Your Mate Before It's Too Late Pt 1
Speech Topics
  • Stop Domestic Violence Before It Starts

    Never Make a Mistake in Love Again

  • Never Make A Mistake In Love Again

    I developed a 10-step formula, already successfully used by thousands of men and women around the world, for assessing ... View More

  • How To Put The Sizzle In Your Sex Life

    Learn the 5 secrets to having an exciting and satisfying sex life.

  • You Are Never Too Old & It's Never Too Late To Find The Love Of Your Life

    Learn the 3 secrets to finding lasting love.

Text Reviews
  • A gifted and dynamic speaker, Beatty Cohan delivers a message that could literally save your life! A passionate advocate for healthy relationships, "Never Make a Mistake in Love Again" (one of several workshops created by Beatty), summarizes many decades of wisdom, Clinical practice, and experience into 10 easy steps that truly can provide a path to lasting love.
  • Anne Akers, Founder/Editor in Chief - GLOW Beauty, Health & Wellness Magazine
  • Fabulous engaging evening with a brilliant insightful woman. It was amazing and we need to get Beatty global!
  • Barbara D'Antonio
  • Such an important topic! Most women have no idea the magnitude of this problem!
  • Norma Neal

Beatty's Blog

A Secret Sex Life?
CreditBrian Rea To the Editor: Re "What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me,"; by Karin Jones (Modern Love column, Su...

How to NOT Marry the Wrong Person
Women everywhere are blogging and talking about Alain de Botton's article in theNew York Times, "Why You Will Marry the Wrong P...

Rate Your Mate BEFORE It's Too Late...
SHUTTERSTOCK / LASSE KRISTENSEN During the past 35 years as a practicing psychotherapist and sex therapist, I have had t...

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