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Bathsheba is a motivational speaker, radio personality, performing artist, author, educator and the CEO and Founder of Cage Free Voices, LLC, an educational entertainment company, that seeks to educate youth and young adults who struggle with self-image and identity through literature, spoken-word, workshops, conferences, seminars, music and events. She is the co-host for NPR ... VIEW MORE

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Cage Free Voices
#WHUTtv In The Community - "Bad Kids" Teacher Training @ Maya Angelou PCS
Neo-Rock Artist
Speech Topics
  • Topics for Teachers: Identity

    Makes and Models: Learning How to Be the Drivers of Student Achievement In today’s society there are so many ... View More

  • Topics for Teachers: Literacy

    Brands, Not Labels: Branding Smart and Erasing Stupid According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, more ... View More

  • Topics for Students: Identity

    Locked Up: Escaping the Prison Others Created Students struggle immensely with rejection. Nevertheless, the need ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Bathsheba, gave a riveting performance that genuinely illuminated a key identity-gap dynamic that exist between the older and younger generations. In just a few minutes she masterfully illustrated with verbal pictures, how younger people struggle to find their place, hit their stride and gain clarity about direction and purpose. From her compelling words and vivid delivery, the older were able to resonate with the struggle and better know how to relate to the young. Dr. Corinthia Boone, Chair of the Capital Region National Day of Prayer, and a representative of the "traditionalist" generation said Bathsheba's rendition "was just what we needed!"
  • Rev. Michael C. Worsley, Engagement Officer - World Vision
  • Bathsheba was a dynamic, thoughtful and authentic presenter and facilitator. Middle and high school girls can be a challenging crowd to engage with – but Bathsheba had no challenges here. She was energetic and enthusiastic, well aware of the fact that she sets the tone for the group of students. She disseminated invaluable information to our girls and had them actively participate in the learning process, teaching each other and coming to their own conclusions about the subject matter. Bathsheba’s energy was unmatched and her efforts were obvious – her energizing presentation style drew our girls in and I know that they learned something that morning. We are so grateful for her contributions to our mission to inspire ALL girls to be strong, smart & bold, so they become women who are healthy, educated & independent, and we look forward to partnering with her again in the future!
  • Christina M. Parrish, Program Director - Girls Inc DC
  • It had the students really analyze themselves internally and how people viewed them externally. It prepared them for their future by having them strengthen their views of themselves so that they could work past other people’s expectations of them.
  • Sarah Wohler, 9th grade English Teacher

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