Bathsheba Smithen

Bathsheba Smithen

  • Fmr English Teacher and Life Skills Counselor
  • Critical Reading Instructor
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Bathsheba Smithen is a young thought leader with 10 years of professional experience working with challenged youth. Yet, Bathsheba’s expertise goes beyond the traditional classroom: Having experienced homelessness, depression, and abandonment by her parents as a teen, and having raised two teenage boys—both now in college—before she herself turned 26, Sheba connects readily with ... VIEW MORE

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  • Topics for Teachers: Identity

    Makes and Models: Learning How to Be the Drivers of Student Achievement In today’s society there are so many ... View More

  • Topics for Teachers: Literacy

    Brands, Not Labels: Branding Smart and Erasing Stupid According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, more ... View More

  • Topics for Students: Identity

    Locked Up: Escaping the Prison Others Created Students struggle immensely with rejection. Nevertheless, the need ... View More

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  • From a teacher’s perspective, the workshop was great. It had the students really analyze themselves internally and how people viewed them externally. It prepared them for their future by having them strengthen their views of themselves so that they could work past other people’s expectations of them. It was also wonderful that you could relate to them since you attended “the dream” yourself. From my point of view, the students really enjoyed the workshop!
  • Sarah Wohler, 9th grade English Teacher
  • Her workshop was empowering. It helped me realize the cage I was trapped in and it also showed me how to break out. See, my name is Africa Jordan and I was put in the group of expectations, but part of me was also put with the other groups, judgment and fear. At the end, she explained that not all of our cages were broken. The group of judgment did not break their cages due to the fact that they did everything she did perfectly because they worried about her judgment. Fear did come up because instead of being in their own little group like before, they dispersed at the tables. Last but not least, the group of expectations followed every expectation in the book. Some cages were broken and we’re given the opportunity to be freed. This by far was the best workshop I’ve ever been to
  • Africa Jordan, 9th grade

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