Bathsheba Smithen
Bathsheba Smithen
  • Fmr English Teacher and Life Skills Counselor
  • Critical Reading Instructor
  • Author


Bathsheba Smithen is a young thought leader with 10 years of professional experience working with challenged youth. Yet, Bathsheba’s expertise goes beyond the traditional classroom: Having experienced homelessness, depression, and abandonment by her parents as a teen, and having raised two teenage boys—both now in college—before she herself turned 26, Sheba connects readily with the disenfranchised, offering them hope by teaching both social and academic skills through her lessons, writing, and performance.

Bathsheba has been acclaimed a "first-rate thinker" by world-renowned poet Dr. Nikki Giovanni. Woven into the fabric of her writing is transparency, vulnerability, and spirituality, combined with a voice of freedom developed through personal strength and joyfully offered to others. She views herself as a "poetic advocate" for misunderstood people, blending real-life experiences, culture, and love into her poetry.

In her spoken performances of her original poems, Sheba infuses the same breadth and depth as she does in Critical Reading at Trinity Washington...


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Bathsheba Smithen
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Bathsheba Smithen
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Bathsheba Smithen
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Bathsheba Smithen
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Topics for Teachers: Literacy
Brands, Not Labels: Branding Smart and Erasing Stupid According to the Alliance for Excellent Education...
Topics for Students: Identity
Locked Up: Escaping the Prison Others Created Students struggle immensely with rejection. Nevertheless...

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From a teacher’s perspective, the workshop was great. It had the students really analyze themselves internally and how people viewed them externally. It prepared them for their future by having them strengthen their views of themselves so that they could work past other people’s expectations of them. It was also wonderful that you could relate to them since you attended “the dream” yourself. From my point of view, the students really enjoyed the workshop!

Sarah Wohler, 9th grade English Teacher,

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