Barbara Sanfilippo

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Barbara Sanfilippo Speech Topics

Restore Personal Connection – The High Definition People® Advantage
Are you frustrated with employees so reliant on electronic communication, they avoid personal interaction? What really drives superior organizational leadership and results is employees with superb relational ability. But in today’s device-obsessed culture, employees have lower empathy and are...
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Experience Life and Work in High Definition™
What does living in high definition look like? Imagine feeling optimistic, joyful, peaceful, vibrant, valued, inspired and purpose-filled despite a stressful job, daily challenges or life circumstances. Imagine being full of life, energized and appreciated by those you serve. We call these folks...
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Lead in High Definition™ – Inspire Breakthrough Performance
Envision yourself as a highly inspired leader with an ability to connect with, develop and inspire your team in ways that bring out their best performance - even breakthrough performance! You've moved beyond merely managing by facts, numbers and reasoning to tapping into what drives each member...
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Sell in High Definition™ – Become an Expert, Build Trust, Attract Business
Imagine after a few years in your sales job you've created a situation in which a substantial quantity of your sales come from prospects who learned about YOU and your product or service and CALL YOU to explore how you can meet their needs. Imagine your pipeline filled with leads from referrals...
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Serve In High Definition™ – Differentiate, Deliver Value and Delight Customers
To attract and retain loyal customers requires a lot more than a smile, a return call, and a thank you note. Good customer service is expected and no longer a differentiator. Has your attempt to create consistency and standards resulted in robotic or impassive conversations? Has your focus on...
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Live and Work With Purpose and Significance
Faith, Values and Character-Building Programs In today's consumer-driven, superficial, "what's in it for me" society, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters. We're bombarded with messages that promise wealth, beauty, prestige and happiness but in many cases lead us down a detrimental path...
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