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Ari Schonbrun: Miraculous Escape From World Trade Center

Ari Schonbrun

Former Chief Admin Officer, Cantor Fitzgerald, 9/11 Survivor from the 78th Floor of Tower 1, Author and Keynote Speaker

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About Ari Schonbrun

Ari Schonbrun was the Chief Administrative Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald and Co., one of the world's leading financial services firms. He was responsible for overseeing and directing the day-to-day operations and administrative processes across Cantor Fitzgerald's Capital Markets group. In addition, he is an author, speaker and 9/11 survivor.

Mr. Schonbrun was on the 78th floor of Tower One when the first plane hit on September 11, 2001. He helped a colleague suffering third-degree burns to ...

Your story brought me to tears. How you changed your life is so inspiring. I will share your story with my family and team at GE.

Chris T - GE

I have heard nothing but great things about your time at our conference. People were truly inspired by your story and they loved meeting you. You made the effort to connect with our teams and they love that!

Melissa Freese - Morgan Properties Group

Ari is truly one of the most impactful speakers we ever had.

Sruly K. - JFX

Hearing you speak in 2008 changed my life but reading your book has reinforced that and changed my perspectives even further.

Tasha C. Field

Our dinners are generally known for having interesting speakers, but many of the participants told me that he was among our best.

Rabbi Chaim Willis - Aish Johannesburg

Your talk was in the category of a grand slam in the World Series. All of our students were moved and many were in tears

Joel Adelman - ROOTS on Campus
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