Overwhelm Is In Your Mind

Auntie Anne Beiler
October 21, 2019

Auntie Anne Beiler

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A few weeks ago, as I was writing and preparing for upcoming events, I had this very unsettling feeling. I wasn’t sure how to identify the feeling, and so I chalked it up as “too much to think about.” I decided I was just overwhelmed.

The feeling persisted as I went into a meeting with my nephew. When I got there, it was pushing me to the limit, and I decided to start our time with an honest confession about feeling overwhelmed.

He sat and listened as I tried to explain why I was feeling overwhelmed and then proceeded to tell me about something he wrote that morning as he was inspired.

He said, “Maybe this inspiration is for you.”

Grabbing his journal, he began reading this inspiring reflection:

“Overwhelm is in the mind. Meaning it’s controllable. If you are overwhelmed, you haven’t learned how to keep your mind in a place of calm and peace.

Instead, you look externally at the lists, tasks, conversations, relationships, things, money, ideas, and goals, and you’re lumping them all into a bucket of overwhelm and trying to carry it around.

Stop trying to carry your bucket of overwhelm around. It’s too heavy for you.

Instead, set it down and begin to take each item out individually. Look at them honestly and put a plan behind them.

Tasks. Ideas. Fears. Anxiety. Dreams. Hopes. To-do lists. Work responsibilities. You need to evaluate them one at a time.

Overwhelm is in the mind. Nowhere else. You create it with your thoughts. No one else does that. No one else has access to that mind of yours unless you give them access. No one else gets to dictate chaos unless you let them.

Overwhelm is in your mind, and you have control over your mind. Choose to think differently. There is no shortcut. No quick scheme. Just the hard work of recognizing a thought and actively thinking the opposite. Then repeat it and embrace it.

Don’t let your overwhelm keep you stuck. It’s only in your mind, and if it’s in your mind, you can change it.”

Well, I KNEW, that message was for me!

I am continually surprised by the power of confession.

Simply being honest with him was a bit humbling, and I thought it might not be necessary to share my struggle. But I felt like I was being encouraged to do so, and what a great outcome for me!

Practice being open, honest, and transparent.

The benefits will free you as you share openly the things you struggle with.

Perhaps you’re feeling the same overwhelm that I felt that day. Reread my nephew’s words and let them sink into your being. I pray they can be an encouragement to you, just like they were for me.

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