Andy Dean

Andy Dean


Andy Dean is a CNN Political Commentator and Former President of Donald Trump's Television Company (Trump Productions LLC).

During his Senior Year at Harvard University, Dean was selected to be on NBC's "The Apprentice." Over 20 Million people watched "The Apprentice" finale, and after being fired on TV at the end of the season, Donald Trump re-hired Dean to work for him personally ... VIEW MORE

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Andy Dean Tweaks CNN Leftists
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  • It’s Not What You Know – It's Your Ability To Market What You Know

    Marketing Donald Trump has made the “Trump” brand into a household name by constantly reminding people of his successes ... View More

  • Leadership Requires A Willingness To Be Unpopular

    Leadership A leader has to take a stand. The willingness to be unpopular is a true demonstration of leadership ability. ... View More

  • There is No Substitute for Passion

    Motivation The ability to inspire and motivate others is all about passion. If you do not love what you do, then it is ... View More

  • Knowing When To Talk and When To Listen

    Communication As a former U.S. National Debate Champion, Andy discusses the importance of keeping speech and debate ... View More

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  • I decided to ask Andy to speak on behalf of my company at a Harvard Business School recruiting event. Andy's entrepreneurial background mixed with his "Apprentice" experiences made him the perfect speaker to our audience.
  • Dave Burwick, Chief Marketing Officer - Pepsi
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Andy as he shares his personal business story and discusses his success as part of "The Apprentice." I look forward to staying in contact with Andy as he has the ability to make any interview or speaking event memorable.
  • Jim Dowd, Director of NBC Entertainment Press - NBC
  • He compelled the audience with his success story and as he detailed his transition from being "fired" to being "hired." Our employees had the opportunity to speak with Andy after the event and are still talking about how genuine and approachable he was.
  • Joseph J. MarcAurele, in a letter to Donald Trump - President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Rhode Island

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