Dr. Amory Lovins NSB

Dr. Amory Lovins

  • TED Speaker
  • Rocky Mountain Institute Cofounder
  • Award Winning Physicist

Amory B. Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute Cofounder, Chairman, and Chief Scientist, is a consultant experimental physicist educated at Harvard and Oxford. He has received an Oxford MA (by virtue of being a don), nine honorary doctorates, a MacArthur Fellowship, the Heinz, Lindbergh, Right Livelihood ("Alternative Nobel"), World Technology, and Time Hero for the Planet awards, the ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TED: A 40-year plan for energy
TED: We must win the oil endgame
TEDx: Reinventing Fire

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Dr. Amory Lovins travels from Boulder, CO and requires airfare and expenses.

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