Amanda Little

Amanda Little

  • Syndicated Environmental Reporter
  • Author of "Power Trip"
  • Voice of Energy Change in America

Amanda Little is the author of Power Trip: The Story of America's Love Affair With Energy (HarperCollins) and teaches investigative journalism at Vanderbilt University. Little has published widely on the environment, energy and technology for more than a decade. She wrote a syndicated weekly column about green politics on and, and a monthly column on green innovation for Outside magazine, where she was a contributing editor. Her articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Wired, O Magazine, New York, and the Washington Post. She currently writes a blog about the new energy economy for and is the recipient of the Jane Bagley Lehman Award for excellence in environmental journalism.

Little has been working in online media since 1996, when she was the first employee of the first online magazine, FEED. Thereafter she wrote a column for The Village Voice, "Urban Upgrade," which examined technology in New York City's institutions and infrastructure. Little has published interviews with public figures ranging from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to John McCain and Rupert Murdoch. She has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, National Public Radio, and has delivered lectures and keynotes for events, institutions and companies including TEDx, Lexus, Baxter, the Clean-Tech Investor Summit, and the Garden Club of America. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and children.

Amanda Griscom Little has been reporting and commenting on the changing environmental landscape for over a decade. From 2003-2007 she wrote "Muckraker," the award-winning syndicated weekly column on energy and environmental policy for and She is a contributing editor at Outside magazine, where she writes "Code Green," a monthly column on the people, products and ideas that are giving rise to the new green movement.

Her latest book, Power Trip, is a high-adventure romp through America's energy crisis, combining gonzo investigation with serious analysis of the history and future of energy.

Amanda Little choppers out to a Gulf of Mexico oil rig to explore the latest extreme-drilling technology; crawls down a New York City manhole to examine the guts of the grid; joins T. Boone Pickens on his private jet for a tour of his wind-farm fantasy; talks fuel logistics with top brass in the catacombs of the Pentagon; and shares a play-by-play of a silicone breast implant (it is petroleum derived, after all). The a fast read about a critical subject that will appeal even to readers of every age, political persuasion, and level of expertise.

In a starred review, Kirkus called it "one of the best books on the energy crisis to emerge in recent years." J.P. Morgan selected Power Trip for its annual reading list, and bought 1000 copies. Robert Redford calls Amanda Little "the best of a new young perspective, a new voice of green." Jim Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Duke Energy said of Power Trip: "It's hard to imagine a book about energy that would appeal as much to a business executive as it would to an eco-activist--or, for that matter, to a soccer mom, a farmer, a politician or a student. Here it is. This provocative story about America's love affair with energy is a must-read for everyone."

Amanda Little has appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe, C-SPAN, FOX News, and dozens of radio shows to discuss the book. She will be in Copenhagen reporting on the climate summit. She has been an environmental columnist for,, and Outside; her articles have appeared in New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York, Wired, and elsewhere.

Little also publishes syndicated monthly interviews with environmental luminaries on and She just finished interviewing the 2008 presidential candidates - Democrats and Republicans--on their energy and environmental platforms. She has interviewed other political leaders including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and business leaders including General Electric's Jeff Immelt, Wal-Mart's H. Lee Scott, and NewsCorp's Rupert Murdoch. Her celebrity interviews include Larry David, Robert Redford and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Little's articles on energy and the environment have been published in The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Wired, New York Magazine, Men's Journal, and The Washington Post. She has lectured frequently on her subject matter to audiences young and old, at venues ranging from the Metcalf Institute to the Garden Club of America New York Headquarters. She recently delivered Bowdoin College's 2007 Tom Cassidy Lecture, titled "Green 2.0: Growing a Universal Environmental Movement". She has appeared on numerous radio shows, including NPR's Marketplace and WNYC's Brian Lehrer show, and as an expert in "e2" 6-part PBS series on energy and the environment.

Little began her career as a founding editor of Feed, the first online magazine, which was launched in 1996. She then created and wrote a column for The Village Voice called "Urban Upgrade," which examined the technological improvements in New York City's institutions and infrastructure. Little graduated with honors from Brown University in 1996 and is the recipient of the Jane Bagley Lehman Award for excellence in environmental journalism. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Carter Little, a musician and composer.

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