Amanda Gore
Amanda Gore
Transforming People and Cultures from the Inside-Out

Speech Topics

The Secret Skills of Authentic Leadership — Leading with the Heart

In this session, Amanda teaches how to be a more genuine person, an inspiring leader, a great parent, more productive, more relaxed and to find more laughter and joy in everything we do. The Secret Skills of Authentic Leadership looks at leadership and life from a completely different perspective. She offers unique ways to inspire, enthuse and coach people to be the best they can be, and at the same time, create a sense of community in the workplace. Amanda blends her paramedical, psychological and corporate experience to link some of the latest research for heart health with how important the heart is — not just for health but for business as well. Connecting our head and hearts, knowing who we are, what we need and want are some of the keys to success in almost everything we do. Connecting our hearts to others’ hearts is the basis of lasting relationships. This is a powerful session packed with important life and leadership lessons.

Live Out Loud

This presentation makes people feel good about themselves, gives the skills of emotional intelligence and transforms their thinking.

Lead Out Loud

This presentation teaches people how to make others feel good. "People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel," Carl Buechner.

Communicate Your Way to Success

Being able to communicate and influence others with elegance and skill can create the kind of relationships that can make or break a deal, win a sale and foster effective team performance. This session incorporates highly advanced communication/connection skills that show immediate results — both at work and home. Amanda teaches nonverbal ways to build rapport, to say negative things while keeping personal relationships intact, to be congruent and to keep other people in a good physiological state as we communicate with them.

Relationships that Work at Work

John Gray was right — men and women are from different planets — but this session is from a woman's perspective. (Very useful for men and hysterical for women!) It's very funny, very real — and accurate. Amanda teaches some specific ways of managing communication with the opposite sex that take some of the pain of conflict away. There are a lot of “AH HA” moments as the wisdom seeps in. Understanding the different ways men and women think, communicate and operate helps avoid personal and professional misunderstandings. This session helps people to have better relationships — at work, home or anywhere else.

Stress is a Fact of Life — Not a Way of Life!

Balancing our work and home commitments is a constant challenge for most people today, but the insidious drain that stress causes on productivity suggests that teaching people how to deal with stress directly affects the bottom line. With great humor and relevance to our daily lives, this session covers a broad range of stress-causing issues and how to deal with them — leaving us with a dramatic improvement in energy, enthusiasm, stamina and creativity.

The Spirit of Leadership

The Spirit of Leadership

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