Fox and Friends Co-Host Brian Kilmeade’s latest work Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates has officially made it onto the New York Times Best Sellers’ list! This will be one of several titles by Brian that have earned this distinction. To go a step further, he has add a...


When pro climber and Base jumper Steph Davis lost her husband in a wingsuit crash, she considered giving up on everything. In the last chapter of her new memoir, Davis describes overcoming loss and returning to flying.

Despite two decades as a professional climber, putting up free solo and...


5 Ways to Create Advocates

By Neen James, Posted April 18th 2016


Who are your advocates?

Advocates could be people inside your organization, or outside your business that advocate for you. These people who can recommend you to others in their network, share resources, products and services with others. Advocates are vital to anyone in corporate or...


Michael Osacky runs Baseball in the Attic, a firm specializing in vintage baseball cards and memorabilia.


Michael Osacky, ’02 ACES, was 17 years old and living in Buffalo Grove, Ill., when his grandfather gave him a shoebox full of baseball cards he had purchased from a neighbor....

As I’ve watched the 2016 campaign unfold, I’ve come to realize that the Millennial Generation has a better grasp on reality than the nation’s top political journalists. The younger voters recognize that we live in a world where the culture leads and politics lags behind....


Do You Have Grace Under Pressure?

By Neen James, Posted April 11th 2016


What would you do if you had organized a big industry event and the headline speaker didn’t show up? 

Or maybe you have a high profile project and the deliverables are going to be way behind deadline?

I witnessed the best example of grace under pressure recently at anindustry event....

Despite the fact that they are currently bitter opponents, there are a lot of reasons to believe Donald Trump and Ted Cruz could end up working together in the fall campaign.

The basic reason is simple, it’s in each of their best interests to do so. In fact, we already see examples of...


12 New Challenges Leaders Face

By Mark Sanborn, Posted April 4th 2016


What’s new or different about leadership today? And what are the biggest challenges leaders face?

In my work I address and advise hundreds of leaders each year. They share, in public forums and private conversations, their experiences, questions, hopes and fears. I also hear from many of...


By the time he retired last October, John Merrow had had a 41-year bird’s eye view of American schools as a journalist with NPR and PBS NewsHour. Armed with a doctorate in education from Harvard, he’d served as a critical school friend throughout his career, pointing out the...


Ever sat in a meeting checking your email?

Ever attended a meeting and wondered why you were there?

Ever been frustrated by a badly run meeting at your company?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone!

 When did it become OK to be rude in meetings or to be on our...