Amanda Gore
Amanda Gore
Transforming People and Cultures from the Inside-Out


For more than 20 years, Amanda Gore has been one of America's and Australia's most admired professional speakers. Her expertise is in transforming the spirit of people and cultures by changing attitudes, improving relationships, connection people, managing change, leadership, innovation, and team dynamics.

A native Aussie, Amanda has a unique ability to connect, entertain, educate, and involve the audience so they laugh and learn effective, new skills that have long-term impact. Her thoughtful and intelligent assesment of what it takes to be your best and keep a positive spirit, no matter what the circumstances, led Amanda to speaking internationally to all types of corporations, groups and associations.

Author of four books and several video and audio traning programs, Amanda has a bachelor's degree in physical therapy, a major in psychology, and expertise in ergonomics, stress management, group dynamics, neurolinguistics, and occupational health.

Amanda explores the mind-body connection to inspire people to lead, work and live more effectively through emotional and social intelligence, better relationships and connections, enthusiasm, great attitudes, less stress, and more joy!

Amanda's programs change the tone of your conference whether by kick-starting it with laughter, breaking down barriers to connect the group, or sending your attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.

She is a master at carefully orchestrating each presentation to ensure it links into your key business drivers, maximizing return on investment. With Amanda's skills in group dymanics, relevant content and humor, attendees remember her as the 'best speaker they have ever seen'.

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