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Allen Klein: TEDx: Our Thoughts & Intentions Create Our Reality

Allen Klein

Finding Humor in Not-So-Funny Stuff

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San Francisco, California, United States
About Allen Klein

Ever hear of a "Jollytologist"? Well meet the world's one and only--Allen Klein. Through his books and his presentations, Klein shows people worldwide how to deal with everything from traffic jams to tragedies.

Klein got into this unusual line of work after his wife died of a rare liver disease at the age of 34. He saw how humor helped her, and those around her, cope. He also saw how humor helped him get through that loss. He now teaches others how to find some in trying times. Those audiences ...

Thank you for your wonderfully magical keynote . . . Your insightful grasp of our profession and its challenges underscores your professionalism in taking the time to research and understand our field.

H.Chenkin - New England Resident Service Coordinators

You were the only speaker to receive two, not one, but two, standing ovations from the audience, which proves how much they enjoyed your talk.

L. Dils - North American Transplant Coordinators Organization

You received "superior" reviews for the participants in your session. Superior was the highest evaluation a speaker could receive.

D Label - Continuity of Care Assn. of California

His presentation on humor for our hospice workers was not only appropriate, it was meaningful, uplifting and downright funny!

S. Buckingham - Hospice Network of Maryland

The feedback from our attendees was unanimous. They thought it (the presentation) to be the best we have had in years!

C. Weidel - Arizona School Food Service Assn.

This presentation could not have been better. A 10!

Audience members - Pennsylvania Hospice Network
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