Alexandra Samuel

Alexandra Samuel NSB, data, big data, storytelling, education, cyber security, parenting, internet, women internet Alexandra Samuel NSB, data, big data, storytelling, education, cyber security, parenting, internet, women internet
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Alexandra Samuel: Hacking Parenthood: The 3 Worlds of Digital Parenting
Alexandra Samuel: Social Media Adoption and Policy Formation
Alexandra Samuel: What Can 'Star Trek' Teach Us About Our Work Life?
Alexandra Samuel: Hacking Parenthood
Alexandra Samuel: TEDx: Ten Reasons to Stop Apologizing for your Online Life
Alexandra Samuel: The Data Code Excerpt

Alexandra Samuel

Data Storyteller, Wall Street Journal Contributor and Author of Work Smarter with Social Media

About Alexandra Samuel

Dr. Alexandra Samuel ia Harvard-trained social scientist who uses data storytelling to help audiences navigate the transition to a digital world. How can we fight digital distraction and reclaim our productivity? How can we robot-proof the next generation? How can we get our customers' attention amidst the clamor of social media? Combining groundbreaking research with innovative approach to data storytelling, Samuel answers questions like these in her widely-read and influential stories for ...

Alexandra is a highly engaging and prepared public speaker. Alex presented on data and storytelling for our conference and she deftly bridged the latest research from academia and the everyday reality of organizations. Her practical, timely examples helped attendees apply her insights to their own work. I would strongly recommend that you invite Alexandra to your next event.

Elijah van der Giessen, Community Manager - NetSquared

"Terrific! Alexandra was a pleasure to listen to. She presented well, in an easy-going, affable manner with a substantial dose of humor. Extremely informative. I was delighted by the wealth of resources she introduced us to." "Wow, what a speaker. Loads of fascinating, useful information." "Fantastic! What a dynamic, knowledgable, fun, enthusiastic speaker." Alex's passion for the social web is clear and we hope to work with her in the future on developing our own social web strategy as UJCweb introduces its new V3 platform over the coming months.

Jeffrey Dorfman - Jewish Federations of North America
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