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Alec Couros


Dr. Alec Couros is widely recognized as an international leader in the field of educational technology as well as a pioneer in the area of open education. In his 23 years as an educator, Alec has worked as a teacher, youth worker, educational administrator, IT coordinator, consultant, and professor, with employment in K-12 schools, youth justice facilities, technical institutes, and ... VIEW MORE

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Building Learning Communities Conference
Identity, Networks & Connected Learning
Using Twitter effectively in education
The Connected Teacher
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  • Identity, Networks, & Connected Learning

    We are currently exiting the age of personal computer and entering a new mobile reality. Emerging technologies now ... View More

  • Introduction to Personal Learning Networks & Connected Learning

    Social Networking services often get the bad rap of 'time-wasters' or distractors. Yet, there are many social networks ... View More

  • Moving Beyond Tweets & Pokes: Social Media for Deep Learning

    Social media services have exploded in use over the past few years. These new tools have fueled many debates around the ... View More

  • Understanding Digital Citizenship

    Understanding Digital Citizenship Issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, and student access to inappropriate content ... View More

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  • Dr. Couros presented the most inspiring keynote I've ever attended. He balanced theory, practical application/real-world examples, and thought provoking questions for how we can stay connected, yet-balanced, in an ever changing landscape of education, technology, and networking. (3.5 years later, and I still remember his keynote!)
  • Catherine Artac
  • I've seen every keynote speaker at the D2L Fusion conference since 2007, except for one year in the middle. Dr. Alec Couros was the best speaker that I've seen at any of those conferences; and that list includes some pretty big names in the education and entertainment fields. His message was the perfect blend of education, technology, and humanity; and earned him a spontaneous standing ovation at the conclusion. His message has real substance, is delivered with passion but not theatrics, and leaves you wanting more.
  • Barry Dahl
  • I have always been inspired by the videos that I have viewed of Alec Couros. These videos however, were only a pale introduction to his live speaking presentation. He effectively informed, challenged, and inspired his audience with an intriguing and highly entertaining presentation. Of the hundreds of speakers I have listened to and engaged with over the years, I have found few of Alec's equal.
  • Tom Whitby
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