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Albert Mensah was born in Ghana, Africa, and this is his story: He is the third born of six kids. His father and mother have been married for 47 years and they have always been his role models.

When Albert was 8 years young he saw an American movie and witnessed the fantastic opportunities in America. Getting to America became his dream, his passion and his goal. In 1978 his dream ... VIEW MORE

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  • Albert's captivating Keynotes and down-to-earth ideas will inspire you to:

    -Get clear what it is you really want — and how to get it -Identify Opportunity in all its disguises -Create your ... View More

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  • You put our company's current challenges into perspective for each & every attendee. I appreciated the fact that you directly tied our company into your presentation. You captivated the employees of Heritage Bank like no other speaker we've had before.
  • Camille St. Onge - Heritage Bank
  • Thank you for closing our annual CEO Conference on such a high note.Your energy, passion and enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you for gearing your message to our leaders.
  • Kim Philipson - Minnesota Bankers Association
  • Albert Mensah’s energy and zest for life is quite incredible. It would be great to bottle it up and sell it.
  • Linda Smith, CEO - Lakewood Chamber of Commerce
Keynote $12,500.00
Albert Mensah travels from Atlanta, GA and requires Coach class for 1

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