Alan Hobson
Alan Hobson
Mt Everest Climber, Summiteer & Cancer Survivor


The story of Alan Hobson’s life is a breathtaking portrait in passion, persistence and peak performance spanning four decades. He not only reached the top of Mt. Everest on his third expedition only to face the inner Everest of cancer, but he is also the international bestselling author of half a dozen books and has appeared on many national television talk shows, including Oprah. A former nine-time All-American gymnast, marathon runner, hang glider pilot, white water kayaker, cold water scuba diver, parachutist, journalist, and winner of the prestigious William Randolph Hearst Award for Excellence in News Writing, his latest passions include road and mountain biking in summer and extreme hiking in winter. His next expedition is the one he is currently on – to continue his inspirational climb back from cancer and help as many others as possible do the same. He has co-authored Climb Back from Cancer – Introducing The 10 Tools of Triumph for Survivors and Caregivers, which is fast becoming a landmark in cancer recovery. It chronicles the uplifting true story of his journey to and...


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The Triumph of Tenacity
It happens to everyone. You establish a goal, but fall short of achieving it. You try again, but a...
Bouncing Back from Setbacks
After more than a decade of preparation, Alan Hobson's first expedition to Mt. Everest missed the...
Adapt to the Unexpected
Hobson’s second Everest attempt missed the summit by just two city blocks when the expedition's lead...
Executing with Excellence
After almost two decades of preparation, an experienced Alan Hobson finally reached the summit of...

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Your message of dedication, perseverance and mental toughness was right on target for our employees and the way you customized the presentation made it even more meaningful. Everyone in the room was astounded with the amount of insight and knowledge you possessed about our business and their roles. It showed you cared enough to invest the time to learn about them and it also allowed you to draw similarities between your experience and the challenges they face every day. Thanks Alan for sharing your message of hope and triumph. It energized us all to focus our efforts and go forward as a team to accomplish our goals this year and beyond!

Gregory C. Franks, Merrill Lynch

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