Al Primo

Al Primo

Revolutionized TV news by creating the Eyewitness News Concept & Internet Advisory Service.

About Al Primo

What if television news reporters presented their own reports on camera directly to the audience viewing at home? It was a radical idea in August of 1965. That's when KYW-TV, Channel 3, Westinghouse Broadcasting in Philadelphia experimented with this concept. Today, it's the industry standard but it all started with Eyewitness News and a man by the name of Al Primo, the station's News Director.

Al looked into the AFTRA contract and discovered there was nothing to prevent the station from using the ...

As the William Randolph Hearst Visiting Professor, Al Primo critiqued our TV news programs, coached our students and delivered motivating speeches for two full days here. He was an exceptional communicator.

Craig Allen, Professor - Arizona State University

I can see the fine hand of Al Primo in every news presentation around the country. I never thought of him as a champion of minorities but his record shows that he is just that.

Geraldo Rivera - CNBC, Rivera Live

Al Primo was our commencement speaker at Newbury College, Brookline and sent our students into the future on wings of fire.

Roy Nirschel, President - Newbury College
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