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Entertaining and pointed, Al Harris's presentation evoked self-assessment and drew attention to the contribution an individual gives to a successful team. One of the best motivational speakers our team has had the chance to hear.
Robert J. Trainor, President & CEO - Trainor Glass Company
We want to extend our thanks to you for speaking at our fundraiser and for your participation at our golf outing. Without your support, our event would not have been the success it was. We are indeed thankful for your participation.
Daniel J. Beer, President - Home Sweet Home Mission
People at our church were blessed by your ministry. I also heard good reports from people who attended the Baccalaureate. Please be encouraged by the knowledge that God used you to bless, challenge and encourage people in their walk with Jesus Christ.
Harold D. Gingerich - Eden Community Worship Center
Your presence and willingness to interact with the crowd and sign autographs was a great encouragement and joy to all who were here. I'm thankful for men like you who realize that God has placed you in a unique situation that can be used for His glory.
Donald E. Zimmerman, Pastor - First Baptist Church of Downers Grove
I know that two of the young men have started attending our young adult fellowship as a result of the evening. I am grateful that you are using the gifts God has given you in such a positive way to build up the Kingdom of Christ in the world.
Dr. Denver W. Bitner - Zion Lutheran Church
Al Harris connects with people! The combination of his personal story and his ability to communicate to both the Saved and unsaved makes an impact. I highly recommend him to your ministry.
Jack Perrine, Youth Pastor - First Baptist Church, Pekin, IL
We wanted to hear someone who had success in the sports world who knew what "living for Jesus" meant. You proved to all of us that everything we had heard about you was true . . . You certainly provided everything that I had hoped.
Bob Burkum, Co-Head Counselor - Faith Christian Reformed Church Cadets
You have the skills to use your background and life experiences in the professional athlete's world to add perspective to our corporate environment. Clearly, your honesty, moral center and humor add to your message to make for a very entertaining session.
Charles Childers, Regional Vice President - Nortel Telecom
Al Harris is a true motivator--taking stock of one's abilities and enhancing them through life is the key to success.
Tianna L. Ruelas, Accounting Manager - Doralco, Inc.