Aija Mayrock

Aija Mayrock


Aija Mayrock is the 21 year old #1 bestselling author of "The Survival Guide to Bullying" published in the US and in 14 foreign countries. Aija wrote her book while in high school after dealing with 8 years of relentless bullying. Aija travels the country speaking and performing spoken word rap that not only shares her bullying experience, but inspires and equips audiences with the ... VIEW MORE

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The View
Huffington Post Rise
WE Day
Madison Square Garden
The Survival Guide to Bullying
Bullying: A Student's Advice to Heads
Speech Topics
  • How to Identify and Stop Bullying

    Aija will discuss her story about overcoming bullying, the tactics she has developed with members of the US Department ... View More

  • When Career Meets College: How to do Both

    Aija started school at NYU, whilst juggling a book deal and starting a global initiative to rise up against bullying, ... View More

  • How to Survive Bullying

    From Bullied to Bestselling Author Aija shares her story dealing with bullying for 8 years, overcoming her darkest ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Aija Mayrock had 500 kids “mesmerized,” at a recent assembly in one of our middle schools. Her powerful message, her charisma, and her polished presentation skills make for a potent combination. Junior high kids can be a tough crowd, and they certainly have antennae for authenticity. Aija continues to wow amidst such diverse audiences and this is truly impressive.
  • David J Lawrence, Director of Communications - Santa Barbara County Education Office
  • Aija was our guest speaker at Madison Square Garden three times in the past two years. Aija was AMAZING. Her passion from the beginning during our planning stages could be felt from our phone meetings. We had a packed house and all eyes were on Aija. The students, teachers and our staff really enjoyed learning more about her and continue to share her tips among our growing fan base and within the schools.
  • The Madison Square Garden Company
  • Santa Barbara County educators know it is important to promote values of caring in our communities, schools, and families. It is unlikely a young person will develop caring values unless he or she is continually exposed to adults who model and reward them. Author and current New York University student Aija Mayrock is one such model. She has addressed thousands of school children of all ages in numerous assemblies to talk with them about her experiences being bullied as a teenager. She is in such demand because her compassionate, empowering message resonates with students. It is critical that values like the ones Aija is promoting be reinforced in young people’s everyday lives, in order to override the competing messages that surround them through music videos, games, and television.
  • Bill Cirone, Superintendent - Santa Barbara County
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