Adolph "Doc" Brown

Adolph "Doc" Brown

  • Master of Educational Excellence
  • Motivator in Leadership Development
  • Speaker, Theorist & Practitioner

Master teacher and motivator, Adolph Brown is one of America's leading authorities on Educational Excellence and Leadership Development and a highly sought after International speaker. Thanks to his hard work, his faith and attitude, and a caring village like you, Adolph has overcome an upbringing of extreme poverty and violence, welfare, fatherlessness, and a single-mother led household to be with you today. His ultimate life desire is to empower individuals, families, and youth to take charge of their lives and create a brighter future for themselves, their community, and their country. Adolph chips away at misconceptions and missteps regarding relationships and communications daily. As a prolific speaker and trainer, Adolph has the amazing ability to combine solid content with a humorous and dynamic presentation.

People from all walks of life, from shelf stockers, educators, administrators, and corporate CEO's, have been transformed and inspired by Adolph's presentations. Adolph has a very diverse background in education and business. He is the founder of the Wellness Group, LLC owned and operated by his wife Marla. He is presently on a writing sabbatical from Hampton University where he was a tenured full professor, chairperson of the department of psychology/education, and academic dean of the graduate college.

With multiple degrees from the College of William and Mary in psychology and anthropology, graduate study in child & family development and community/clinical psychology with an emphasis in group dynamics, Adolph discovered his passion for people development whilst working as a diversity and communication consultant. Adolph has traveled and studied abroad, sits on myriad local and boards and advisory groups, and has written extensively on the subjects of child, family, and corporate communication. An often quoted resource, he is the author of three books. His most successful program is L.E.A.P.S. (Leadership Development + Excellence + Achievement + Performance = Success). Adolph has also served on the National Commission on Diversity and Economic Development whereby he was the facilitator of multiple round table discussions.

Although his workshops and presentations have had an impact on the lives of more than 1 million people in the Corporate, Government, Faith, Educational and Public Sectors, and he has been the recipient of over 300 awards and honors, Adolph still considers his greatest accomplishment to be the happily married husband to Marla and doting father of seven mischievously wonderful children. His favorite past time is still being able to watch Saturday morning cartoons with his children (1 college graduate, a college freshman, & a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, a senior in high school, one middle schooler, and 2 elementary schoolers).

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