Adam Shepard

Adam Shepard

Adam attended Merrimack College in North Andover, MA on a basketball scholarship, graduating with a degree in Business Management and Spanish. Serving as a Resident Advisor during his upperclassmen years, He began to take particular interest in the social issues of our nation. Shortly after graduation-with almost literally $25 to his name Adam departed his home state for Charleston, SC, embarking on the journey that has now become a successful first book, Scratch Beginnings.

After a whirlwind journey that took his self-published book to the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, and NPR, Adam sold Scratch Beginnings to HarperCollins and made appearances on the Dave Ramsey Show and 20/20. Adam likewise has been featured in the The New York Times, the New York Post, The Atlantic, The Christian Science Monitor, yada, yada, yada, and Scratch Beginnings has now been used on the curriculum or as a First Year Common Read at over 110 colleges and universities in the United States and translated across the world.

He used that momentum to do a deal with HarperCollins on a second book, The Best Four Years. To date, he has sold about 9 copies of that book, mostly to my Uncle Greg. My family and I really don't talk about it when we get together.

After a few years, then, working as North Carolina's slowest bartender, Adam set out upon the world to spend all of the money he had been saving. The narrative of this experience comprises his most recent book, One Year Lived. One Year Lived tells tales of travel and life lessons learned among seventeen countries, four continents, 42,134.6 miles, and one haunting encounter with a savage bull.

In the interim, Adam created the Next Level Success course. He's pretty proud of that one.

Most enriching of all for Adam, however, has been his participation in the documentary American Dream, where he was blindfolded, driven to a random city, and dropped off with just $25 and the challenge to survive-and thrive-for 30 days. Very possibly the most meaningful experience of his life.

In Adam's spare time, he reads, plays tennis with his wife Ivana, and travel the country empowering audiences to elevate performance by taking initiative.

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