Xavier Sala-i-Martin NSB

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

  • Chief Economic Advisor: World Economic Forum
  • The world’s leading expert on competitiveness
  • Director of the Global Competitiveness Index

Professor Sala-i-Martin is recognized as the world leading expert on innovation and competitiveness. Since 2003 he has led the Global Competitiveness Report, which annually measures and ranks the competitiveness of all the countries in the world and recommends strategies to their decision makers. Professor Sala-i-Martin's GCI is the most closely followed index on global ... VIEW MORE

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TEDx: Poverty and Competitiveness
Speech Topics
  • Global Innovation Outlook

    Insights from the Chief Economic Advisor to the WEF WEF The world is changing really fast. An underlying ... View More

  • A new world order? How to remain competitive in today´s economy

    A new world order? How to remain competitive in todays economy Throughout history, there are many examples of ... View More

  • FC Barcelona: a success case. Four business lessons.

    The story of FC Barcelona depicts one of the most extreme, impressive and successful organizational ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Colombia s Annual Banking Conference is without a doubt the most demanding event (in the country) in terms of speakers. At this event, Sala-i-Martin masterly spoke to more than 1,500 national leaders, managing to delight them with an extraordinary conference in which he managed to skillfully combine intuition with academic rigor. This balance, allowed him to relate day-to-day funny examples with solid academic insights, as well as bold political approaches with practical business advices. He is, undoubtedly, one of the best speakers that we have had in recent years.
  • Jonathan Malagon, Vice-president - Asobancaria (Colombia s National Baking Association)
  • Xavier Sala-i-Martin is truly inspiring. Certainly, if we have a second chance, we would invite him to entertain us and teach us about competitiveness and innovation.
  • Carlos Enrique Cavelier, CEO - Alqueria
  • Having Xavier Sala-i-Martin as the keynote speaker at the 2017 Industrial Forum was the most positive and enriching experience. He explains novel and complex concepts, in such a clear, simple and illustrative way that he manages to widely spread his concepts, generating a noticeable impact on the audience. It's a real pleasure to work with him.
  • Rosa Asca, Director - Sociedad Nacional de Industrias
Latin America & the Caribbean
Xavier Sala-i-Martin travels from New York, NY

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