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Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey


Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey started in their laundry room with virtually no money and no wine industry experience. Facing bankruptcy the first years in business, they bootstrapped a novelty brand and revolutionized their industry by employing innovative ideas to overcome obstacles and create new markets. Along the way, they also helped many nonprofits that represented ... VIEW MORE

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Business Rockstars - How to treat a Customer
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  • Graduate Business School and Leadership

    The 3 principles of effective leadership and creating a dynamic company culture that ignites entrepreneurialism, ... View More

  • Management

    The 3 Core Competencies: Cash Flow Management (Resourcefulness and Leverage), Distribution Management (Sales and ... View More

  • Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship

    How marketing can work with sales departments to revolutionize successful branding. Worthy Cause Marketing ... View More

  • Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Services

    Comprehensive customer service and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. The customers between the company ... View More

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  • “OUTSTANDING speech! Better yet, PERFECT. What an incredible way to end this conference.”
  • Robert Reiss, Host & CEO - The CEO Show
  • “I really enjoyed their presentation! The honesty they showed in telling their story of failures which led to success, was great and a breath of fresh air. Nice to hear when good people succeed.”
  • Jennifer Fondrevay, Vice President, Client Marketing and Communications - Asurion
  • “The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) held its World Entrepreneurship Conference in Dublin in June 2014 and it attracted an audience of 876 delegates from 61 countries. Michael and Bonnie were Keynote Speakers at the conference but they also gave talks at dedicated workshops for Irish Entrepreneurs and at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum. While each talk needed to be tailored to the specific audience that they were addressing, their professionalism, practical advice, and excellent communication skills ensured that they enjoyed a rapturous response on every occasion. They have an ability to speak to any group of people in a way that resonates with their particular needs and through their stories the hard lessons of business are understood in an entertaining fashion. Because of the success of their talks, they have already been invited back to Ireland for other speaking engagements and I understand from international colleagues that invitations to other countries are also likely to happen.”
  • Professor Thomas Cooney, Chair International Council for Small Business - Dublin Institute of Technology

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